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Swinger Party Game: Betting Strip Poker

This is one of the favorite at all swinger party to get everyone naked and ready for some hot sex.

What is required: A deck of 52 playing cards.

Objective: To win regular poker hands so that you can keep your clothes on.

Rules of the game:

This is one of the great swinger party games to ease all swinging couples by striping down to nothing. The rules for betting strip poker are generally the same as strip poker. The only different being there is betting involved. The level of betting can range from lowest to highest betting value:

  1. Truth – A player who owes a truth bet is asked a question by the winner of the hand. In the spirit of the game the answer given should be as truthful as it can be. Most questions ask are usually of sexual nature.
  2. Dare – Like truth bet, the dare is also asked by the winner of the hand. Dare can be anything from a couple drinks or by doing something really silly. But remember it is only a game so don’t dare something which would threaten anyone lives.
  3. Clothes – Paying for this bet is obvious. The losers/winner can chose the removal of an article of clothing they are wearing. When any player who loses all their clothes the game can continue by the substitutes of dares in lieu of clothes bet.
  4. Super dare (or double Dog Dare) – This is a bet that cannot be refused, and be prepared to face the consequences of a loss. It is not a bet that you simply place so be warned.

So if you got a good hand of card you can raise a player, or double up using the above. Players at any time can fold, but will have to pay whatever they have betted to that point.

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