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Swinger Party Game: Dare

Dare is one of those swinger party games where the one who dares is the winner.

What is required: A hat, or something similar such as a container, paper and pencils.

Objectives: Write, put, pick and perform the dare for everyone’s amusement.

Rules of the game:

The game starts off with everyone writing a dare. It doesn't matter if there are two of the same dare. Dares can be simple ones like, kissing the person on your right to extreme dares like having sex with the person on your left. Rules are very simple:

  • All must chose a method of who has to do a dare. You can either go around in a circle, drawing low card or rolling a dice.
  • Set up a rule for punishment for those who refuse to accept or complete a dare.
  • Once a dare is performed do not put it back with the unused dare.

The things that make dares fun is that the inventive person always runs the risk of getting a dare they thought up.

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