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Florida Swingers Club

Florida swingers club are one of the most popular places for swingers and the open minded to party. There are countless of swinger club with one to cater everyone’s needs and want.

Most required membership to enter with some that offers nightly passes for those who are not that enthusiastic. There are yearly, half-yearly, quarterly and nightly passes for couples and single. Prices can range from:

Yearly Passes

  • US$200-US$300 per couple
  • US$250-US$350 for single

Nightly Passes

  • US$35-US$50 per couple
  • US$75-US$100 for single

(Some nights such as weekends will be more expensive compared to weekdays.)

Most clubs will have an age restriction for entry of guest 21 years old and older. Various clubs will also welcome single male and female but single females are more common.

Many swinger club in Florida are BYOB (bring your own bottle) nightclubs. This means that you are free to BYOB favorite drinks and alcohol. Some clubs will also help you to store your alcohol by labeling it with your name so that you can save the hassle of bringing it again next time.

Some Florida swingers club is “on-premises” while others are not. So always check with your check regarding whether sexual activities are allow on the premises or not. Clubs are also equip with bars and food area, dance floor, lounges, hot tub, Jacuzzi pool, shower and toilet facilities, locker, private rooms and even S & M rooms.

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