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Swinger Party Game: I've Never

This game is great at swinger party for everyone to get to know each other over a couple of friendly drinks.

What is required: Lots of swinging couples.

Objectives: This may vary and will greatly depend on what other swingers like to admit.

Rules of the game:

Firstly, determine who will go first. The first person will make a claim about something he/she has never done before, starting the claim with, "I've never….". An example will be, "I’ve never had sex at the cinemas."

Those other player who HAS done the action described pays for his/her indiscretion via different punishments.

As we are all humans some of us will lie. Those who are caught lying must be punished.

You can continue playing until people grow bored or that every one had received more then several punishments.

Punishments for those who "HAS" may include drinking or to make it more exotic a removal of an article of clothing. Those have "LIARED" maybe to strip several pieces of clothing at once or perform something humiliating until all the other players are satisfy.

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