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Organizing Swinger House Party

By having your own swinger house party it can offer a more discreet and relaxing environment for you, your partner and a few other swinging couple friends.

Organizing a swinger house party may sound very simple, but lots of things must be done ahead to make certain that the party goes well. Here are a few tips that you might like to consider before having your party:

  1. Ensuring that your house is clean and neat.
  2. If you have a hot tub, spa or a pool and plan to use it for your party, make sure it is clean and fit for use.
  3. Have a plan ready on which rooms in the house are to be use for social, private, and open areas.
  4. Put fresh clean sheets on the beds in the rooms to be use.
  5. If you plan to provide toiletries for your guest, don’t forget to have plenty of clean towels ready. If you do not plan to, state on the invitation that your guest are to bring their own.
  6. For those who are smokers, have a designate area such as the patio, garage, or specific room for smoking purpose only.
  7. If your guest are to come by driving, make sure you have plenty of parking area for them.
  8. If you have children, have them stay with friends or relatives for the duration of the party.
  9. If you own a pet set it inside an unused room, garage, or outside in the garden. Don't forget to provide it with water and food.
  10. To ease the tensions of your party guest why not have some music ready. This can provide a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere so everyone can blend in.
  11. Another great icebreaker for tension is swinger party games that the entire group can join in and have fun.
  12. It is optional to provide some finger foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for your guest. You can also ask your each of your couple guest to BYOB their own drink (bring your own bottle) and/or bring along a plate of finger food to share.
  13. Lastly, don’t forget protection, have extra condoms ready and around the party area for those who have forgot to bring their own.

Now all you have to do is to decide a theme, sent out the invitations and wait for the big night.

Oh yeah, keep in mind that a party is suppose to be fun for you and partner as well. So don't overwork yourselves in preparing and forget to enjoy it too.

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