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Swinger Party Game: Strip Poker

One of the most traditional swinger party games where loser strips naked.

What is required: A deck of 52 playing cards.

Objective : To win regular poker hands so that you can keep your clothes on.

Rules of the game:

The dealer chooses a game where the dealer is passed after each game clockwise of all the player, and deals.

As there is no betting it is suggested that you only follow rules of two or none, five card draw, low balls and similar one or no draw games. The simplest form is either:

  1. The player with the lowest hand must remove one article of clothing, or
  2. All highest hand must remove an article of clothing (if you want to speed up the stripping this is the way to go).

Then it is simply the player with the most clothing left is the winner. Those player who have lost all of their clothes generally are required to remain nude until the game has ended, leaving only one winner.

And optional rule is to ensure fairness by each player have the same amount of clothing. Odd number such as five is a good number, counting pairs of shoes and socks as one article.

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