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Swinger Club FAQ

There are many questions that lots of swingers would like to ask about swinger clubs, but either doesn't know where to ask or sometime too embarrassed to ask. We have selected some of those popular questions and hopefully would be able to give you an answer to explain your queries. Lets have a look at them:

Swinger clubs are vast becoming a popular place for new and existing swingers. This is because it offers great chances for you and partner to meet other swingers. It also opens a need horizon to exotic sex that you and partner have never experience before.

2. Is there any age restriction for entry to swinger clubs?

As swinger involves sexual contacts, many clubs do have an age restriction for entry. Most clubs has a restriction for adult’s age 21 years old or older. We do suggest that you check with the club you and your partner are interested in regarding age restriction.

3. How does membership work at swinger clubs?

Many swinger clubs requires membership for entry. A membership to a swinger club has many benefits and privileges. Let’s have a look:

  • Most club membership are recognized by all NASCA affiliated clubs around the world.
  • Priority access to private house parties at your swinger clubs.
  • Discounts to various retails outlets.
  • Monthly newsletter via email or post regarding special events and parties.

Membership also allows the club’s management to ensure that only real swingers attend clubs parties and events and not those who are pretending to be one.

4. Are there any rules that my partner and I are have to follow at swinger clubs?

Yes, sure there are rules to follow at clubs. But each clubs has their different rules. Why not have a look at out section on swinger clubs rules for a general idea of some of the rules. If in doubt, check it out with your favorite swinger clubs.

Remember, rules are only there to ensure that all swingers can enjoy and have fun at each party and event.

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