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Here are the other questions and answers:

6. What is the best season to swinger cruise?

The best season to go onboard a swinger cruise will depend on where you and your partner are traveling to. Cruising around the Caribbean is the best all year around. Weather is quite consistent all year around, offering clam and warm waters with cool sea breezes.

Winter months of sailing is a bit cool especially during the night, but is still very popular during Christmas and New Year periods as this is the busiest, so booked early to get your place.

Spring is the most favorite season for many locals as temperature warms ups. During those months the water is lusciously warm and many swinger cruises lowers their rates so it is a great time to get some terrific deals.

Summer season the warmest, calmest, and the most peaceful time to cruise away on vacation. The weather is ideal for snorkeling, fishing or soaks up the sun and gets a great tan. During summer don’t expect a lot of breezes, but on board your room will have air condition. You should also take note that during the summer season hurricane is also very common in some places.

Autumn (Fall) during this season the sea is still smooth and warm. This season is prone to rain so be prepared for some possible moisture. Although this is the case it is still a good time to travel before the Christmas and New Year rush.

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7. How do I book my swinger cruise vacation?

There are many ways that you can book your swinger cruise vacation. Here are the options:

  • Through a reliable travel agent; or
  • Through a reliable website broker or directly through a swinger cruise operator that offers swinger vacation

Before booking your holiday you should look at the places that interest you and your partner. There are hundreds of choices from different yachts, destination, themes, things to do, food, attractions, prices, and etc.

It is advised that you keep in mind that many swinger cruises are often booked many months in advanced during the winter months. So if you find a cruise that interest you and your partner book immediately to avoid disappointments. Also remember when booking your trip a deposit will be required in advance followed by full payment.

Either way, there is one swinger cruise vacation that suits and interest you and your partner. It will sure make you and your sailing experience a time to remember.

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8. Do I need travel insurance?

It is highly recommended that you do purchase travel insurance for the duration of your trip in case of unexpected delays, cancellations, and unforeseen events. There are many different companies who do travel insurance and offers different options with very competitive prices. So, do choose one that suits you and your partner needs.

You also should be aware that travel insurance is a compulsory for some cruises and for those cruises who are not compulsory may require you to indicate this to them at thing of booking.

If you have any doubt in choosing see your travel broker for assistant or the call the insurance company direct for assistant.

Here are some travels insurances that you might like to look at and compare:

  • Global Care
  • Access America
  • Travel Guard

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9. Will I need my passport?

You would require your passport for travel to the Caribbean and Greek island. However, if you a United States or Canadian Citizen you can easily travel to the British Virgin Island, BVI with a photo ID (such as a current driver license) and an original birth certificate (copy is not accepted).

Visitors from various other countries may require a Visa for entry. So before or shortly after you booked your vacation check with the immigration department of your destination.

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