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Swinger House Party Etiquette

When you and your partner are invited to a swinger house party there is a couple of things that you both need to do and know so that you would get invited to the next one. Here’s how:

  1. Upon receiving a swinger house party invitation read it carefully especially the bit about the RSPV date. As swinger house party is a private party, a house can only accommodate a limited numbers of swinging couples. So if you cannot make it, it is just polite to let the host know in advance so they can invite another couple to replace you this time round.
  2. It is only a good gesture to arrive and leave the party as a couple unless prior arrangement have been made beforehand with the host. It is often frowned upon by some hosts and other guest at the party when one leaves without their partner.
  3. Always arrive at the party on time. If you and your partner are running behind time, ring and let the host know that you would be late so that they can start the party while waiting for you.
  4. When arriving at the swinger party follow parking instructions offered by the host. Wrongful parking or blocking traffic is not only an illegal offend but also doesn't set good terms with surrounding neighbors.
  5. Before attending the party shower, brush your teeth, shave, clip and clean your finger nails and any other personal hygiene things that needs to be done just do it. If you turn up in a mess I don't think you and partner will be invited to the next one.
  6. For house and club parties we suggest that you bring along an overnight bag containing all your toiletries needs, towels, and robe, negligee, or other slip on. Always keep money, jewelry, and other valuables at a minimum.
  7. If the host has rules, please follow them. Rules are for each and everyone at the party to follow so that everyone can enjoy and have a great time.
  8. At all time be polite to everyone at the party. If someone is not interested don’t continue to be pushy, just leave is it as there are plenty of other people around.
  9. We urge that you don't become a bedroom "cruiser". This mean going around opening closed bedroom door and disturbing the occupants' insides and ruining what they were enjoying. This also means talking loudly, entering another activity without invitation, and watching (voyeurism) without consent. These are considered rude and offensive.
  10. Do not eat, drink, or smoke at any non designated areas. You are not only creating a mess or fire hazard (via smoking), but you are also affecting others at the party.
  11. If a party is BYOB (bring your own bottle), only consume what you bring. If you are planning to drink alcohol do so wisely and as much as your body can take. Nothing is more disgusting to clean up your mess and embarrassing when you can’t perform when sex is called for.
  12. Never bring illegal drugs and/or substances to swinger party. You are not only violating rules of swinging etiquette, but subjecting yourself, other guest and the host to procession of illegal drugs. So don’t do it.
  13. When there is a theme to the party, dress for the occasion. Swinging is fun, so go with it.

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