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Swinger Party FAQ

Here are a list of common question frequently asked with answers by many swingers about swinger party:

1. Who gets invited to swinger party?

Invitations to swinger parties at clubs usually extend to couples, unaccompanied females and select unaccompanied males in the lifestyle. All of which are members of the club.

Those who attend swinger house party are by invitation only. The host themselves chooses who they wish to invite to their home for a house party.

2. What people will I met at swinger party?

Various swinger couples and singles from all different background, race and religions will attend swinger party. Age range will also differ from party to party. Most will range from mid 20’s to mid 50’s.

3. What is the different between swinger parties at clubs and those held at a house?

Here are the differences:

  • Swinger parties at clubs require members
  • For entries at club's parties an entry fee os required.
  • Parties at clubs can either be on-premises (sexual activities are permitted on the premises) or off-premises (sexual activities not permitted on premises).
  • There are lots more couples and single swingers to chose from at club’s party
  • Swinger house party can only be attending via invitation.
  • House parties are more discreet and private.

4. Is it hard for my partner and me to organize a swinger house party?

It is absolutely not hard to organize your very own swinger house party. See our page for tips on how to organize swinger house party and you will see how easy it is.

5. If my partner and I are invited to swinger house party, do I need to take anything to the party?

Usually at swinger house party you and partner need not require to take anything other then yourselves and some toiletries for your personal use. Some host may ask you to BYOB (bring your own bottle) of alcohol and drinks for your own consumption and a plate of finger food for everyone to share. If the host requires you to bring anything it would be written on the invitation.

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