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6. Do my partner and I have to follow any rules when attending swinger party?

Rules are only formed and to be followed by everyone so that the party can go smoothly so those attending can enjoy themselves and have lots of funs. See our page about how to be a good swinger house party etiquette and make sure that you are invited to the next one.

7. Do I need to dress up to attend swinger party?

Yes, everyone should dress up for swinger party. What we mean by dressing up is, if the party has a theme dress up for it and be part of the fun. Those party without a theme dress up for the occasion.

Avoid wearing throngs, sneakers, sandals, t-shirt, jeans or pants which are rip or has holes, and caps. Dressing in these will see you as not very popular among others.

Our advice is ladies should dress up to impress while the gents should be classy.

8. Do I have to worry about unsafe sex?

There is nothing to worry about unsafe sex in the swinging lifestyle especially when attending swinger party. Many swingers are responsible people who practice safe sex with the use of condoms and with regard body check for AIDS and common STD's.

Clubs who are on-premises will provides condoms for the use by its' members. The same will also apply at house parties. If you have a special favorite in regards to brand then you are more then welcome to bring your own.

If at anytime a person refuse to practice safe sex, don't feel rude to say "no" to any sexual contact as you have the right to protect yourself and others.

9. If I don’t want to participate in any activities at the party, can I watch?

You have every right not to participate in any activities, especially sexual activities if you do not wish to. At anytime where you don't want to participate just say "no thank you, but thank you for asking".

If you prefer to watch (voyeurism) others engaged in sexual activities it is just polite to ask for permission first, but in most cases they are more them happy to show off in front of you (exhibitionism).

10. Are there any specific times that my partner and I have to leave by at swinger party?

It is only well-mannered to arrive and leave the party together unless prior arrangement have been made beforehand with the club or the host of the party.

There are no specific times to leave a party, but often when others start leaving it is time to wound down and leave too.

Some clubs will have rooms available for guest to stay overnight, but prior arrangement must be made. For swinger house party, some host will offer couples to stay overnight, this too need prior arrangement.

11. Can we take swinger photos or take swinger videos at swinger party?

The use of cameras, video equipments and mobile phone with in-built cameras are prohibited from all swinger clubs. Unless prior arrangements are made photos can be taken at some private parties, but only with consent of the swingers you are taking.

If in doubt, ask before you take at video or photo equipments with you to parties.

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