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Swinger Principles

Swinging is not simply being open about your sexual feelings and being adventurous about it. You and your partner should follow some swinging principles to ensure that your encounter is also fun and fulfilling. The following are some suggested swinging principles that you and your partner may want to use:

  1. You and your partner should never attempt to break up a marriage.
  2. When a date is made, always keep up to it or else give ample time of notice for changing circumstances.
  3. It is important to keep the first meeting on a "no strings attached" basis. You and your partner should be prepared to swing if it is mutually agreed or to give an honest answer if something does not work out.
  4. It is reminder that you never under any circumstances exercise pressure on your partner to swing.
  5. It is suggested that you and your partner restrict discussions of swinging to known swingers and interested individuals seeking information.
  6. Be wise and protect the anonymity of other swingers by abstaining from unauthorized "name dropping."
  7. For the stake of other swingers, always maintain the highest standards of personal cleanliness and appearance.
  8. Be smart and not to engage in any unlawful activity that would harm the reputation of other swingers as a group.
  9. Always be friendly and warm with your swing partners. Be understanding that there is a type of emotional involvement, which is properly reserved for a spouse or "primary significant other." 
  10. Lastly, remember to show respect for the personal attitudes and feelings of other swingers.


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