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Swinging is defined as a form of recreational social and sexual intercourse between consenting adults. Swingers commonly consisting of male/female couples meeting with other male/female couples for sex and ongoing intimacy. It is simply being open about your sexual feelings and being adventurous about it.

Swinging began in the early 1950’s. During that time the only way to meet other swingers was through personal ads in the newspapers. Today individuals and couples who are interested in the swinging lifestyle can go to internet, clubs or organization that specializes in this type of sexual expression.

There are many benefits being a swinger. Swinger get to explore their sexuality and sensuality in new ways that are not found or easily accepted in traditional communities. Swinging it a good way for bi-curious women and men to explore their potential bisexuality without becoming involved in the lesbian or gay community where many feels uncomfortable or unwelcome. Swinging allows both men and women the opportunity to reject monogamy. Individuals can also explore and learn lots more about their sexual interests. Swinging can enhance a relationship and the commitment involved in the couple’s relationship, but it should be remember that it also requires a strong level of trust and security. For many people watching their partner being sexual with another obviously is arousing and very hot. Also, becoming a swinger allows you to make and meet many new friends.

There are many myths about swinging. Swinging is not appropriate for all couples if your current relationship is unhealthy and unstable. Swinging would then likely tear the couple apart through insecurity, jealousy, or a lack of honest communication. It is not appropriate for a swinger to cheat on their partner just like it is not appropriate for an individual in a monogamous relationship to cheat. But if you are a swinger, all parties agree that the relationship is completely open and honest.

Traditionally swinging is not about dishonesty, lying, or closed communication. Swinging is not ever to promote unsafe sex practice. Swinging is just for couples and individual who are looking for quality sexual and/or sensual experiences. It is not for frequent sexual encounters with anonymous partners.


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